Make a Statement The ultimate low and slow cooker and the ultimate backyard feature.


Make a Statement The ultimate low and slow cooker and the ultimate backyard feature.


We wanted a smoker that was true to the original Texas style, round fire chamber, chuck wagon wheels, angled for drainage etc, but wanted something that stood out from the crowd, something with “the wow factor”.

Inspired by the red soil that gives the Redlands it’s name, and the patina rusted “Welcome” signage as you enter Redland City, as well as the rusty sculpture at each end of the Gateway Bridge. We think the result is stunning and we think you will too. And unlike ordinary smokers, this aesthetic will only improve with age.


Not only are Red Dirt Smokers stunning to look at, they’re functional too. We’ve taken the best features from all the smokers on the market and added a few of our own.

The large circular damper/intake positioned in the centre of the fire-chamber side door, and large internal apertures, create a clean burn and allow a strong draw of hot air into the cook chamber. This circular central design gives you precise control, you can get it screaming hot, or slow it right down, very quickly and easily.

All of the features you want, included standard

6mm Australian Steel

Made from all Australian mild steel, 6.38mm thick ensures fuel efficiency and prolonged heat retention.

Char-grill Rack

All Red Dirt Smokers come with a heavy duty char-grill rack. Ideal for reverse searing, browning and finishing.

6mm Tuning Plate

A 6.38mm “tuning plate runs almost the full length of the cook chamber, ensuring even heat.

Grease Management System

Angled to drain flammable grease away from the fire, grease is channeled and captured for easy disposal.

Dual Tel-Tru Gauges

Fitted with two of the best thermometers on the market, Tel-Tru, the choice of Pitmaster BBQ champions.

Cool Touch Handles

All touch points are either Australian hardwood or stainless steel coils, ensuring no burns.

Easy-Lift Main Lid

All 20 inch and larger models have counter weighted cook chamber lids (not pictured).

And More

Red Dirt Smokers can be customised to your exact requirements, and yes, we will (reluctantly) paint black if required.


Custom Built Aussie owned, Aussie made, from Aussie materials.


Born in the Redlands Queensland, the home of Red Dirt

Established In 2016

A couple of blokes from the Redlands were sitting around one afternoon, talking “Que”. “I’m thinking about getting one of those Texas offset smokers.” “Me too!”

They decided to import a couple of cheap Chinese ones to have a dabble and see if they liked spending a whole day nursing a fire to produce some BBQ. Turns out they did, however, the imported smoker leaked heat like a bonfire and was hard work to maintain temperature. By the end of a day’s cook, these blokes were knackered!

They started doing some research, and some more research, and then a little more research, until they had a checklist of what makes the perfect smoker, and set about sourcing one. There was nothing available that ticked all the boxes.

“Why don’t we build our own” – Red Dirt Smokers was born.

“This smoker is exactly what I was looking for. Classic Texas Offset style, all the features and really well made, right here in Queensland. The unique rusty finish makes a real statement. Friends go WOW! Love it!”

Scott Hasted, Red Dirt Smoker’s first customer

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